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PDH 1 Hour, Biosecurity Facility Design, and Management

Time limit: 150 days

$45 Enroll

Full course description

This course will go over three big potential routes for pathogen introduction onto a farm. The first is wild animals and insects, the second being the transportation of feed into the facility, and finally the removal of deadstock from the farm.

For all of these things, we have to assess the risk and calculate the cost of a disease outbreak and the likelihood that an outbreak could occur. The cost of intervention for these items is high, so creating an effective plan requires us to optimize cost versus risk for the productive system.

This is a self-paced course and is expected to take 60 minutes to complete. You may start and finish the course at any time. This course has been approved by the Council on Teacher Education for the College of Veterinary Medicine to administer as professional development hours. Enrollees must complete the evaluation form and attendance form at the end of the course to receive their PD hours.

This course is 100% online and specifically designed for teachers in K-12 education in state of Illinois. All the lectures and assessments are on-demand to meet your busy schedule.

1 hour of PDH!

What You'll Learn

  • Design of manure handling systems and their implications on biosecurity
  • Operating manure handling systems in a biosecure manner
  • Options for deadstock removal
  • Operating deadstock removal systems in a biosecure manner
  • Preventing non-livestock animals from entering facilities
  • Minimizing the risk of pathogen introduction through feed