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Photos of women in conference room with laptops Women, Money, and Power is a Course

Women, Money, and Power


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In this course, students will:

  1. Investigate financial challenges and stressors associated with aging, caretaking responsibilities, and increased longevity.
  2. Evaluate disparities in income between genders across various professions and industries. Discuss underlying factors leading to these discrepancies.
  3. Examine the “Pink Tax” and develop strategies to raise awareness about gender-based pricing disparities.
  4. Develop and apply principles of negotiation throughout phases of a career.
  5. Analyze interest rate risks, business risks, and market risks and understand their impact on financial decision-making.
  6. Evaluate investment options from a perspective that considers gender, environmental sustainability, and social governance factors, fostering inclusive investment practices.
  7. Explore entrepreneurship, corporate structures, and the human, social, and financial capital required to successfully launch a business.