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Illinois Early Intervention Billing and Insurance


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Full course description

The Illinois Early Intervention Billing and Insurance Training was developed by the Early Intervention Training Program at the University of Illinois (EITP) in collaboration with the Early Intervention Central Billing Office (CBO). This presentation is broken up into eight mini modules and will provide an overview of the process for billing insurance as a provider in the Illinois early intervention system. Please note that the target audience for this training is Illinois EI Providers and individuals responsible for submitting claims for early intervention services to insurance and/or the Central Billing Office.

Course Instructions:

This online course is self-paced. However, you will need to complete the course sections in following order:

  1. Terms of Agreement
  2. Training Modules - in this order:

(1) Rationale (runtime 6 min. 22 sec.)

(2) Billing Requirements (runtime 6 min. 38 sec)

(3) Roles & Responsibilities (runtime 14 min. 26 sec.)

(4) Terminology & Benefit Verification (runtime 10 min. 53 sec.)

(5) Claim Submission (runtime 14 min. 53 sec.)

(6) Waivers & Exemptions (runtime 8 min. 11 sec.)

(7) Documentation (runtime 8 min. 58 sec.)

(8) Tips and Resources (runtime 2 min. 42 sec.)

  1. Check for Understanding
  2. Training Evaluation
  3. Certificate of Completion

You will need to refresh your browser after completing each activity, in order to open the next section/activity.

Participants must complete the training modules, successfully pass the quiz (Check for Understanding), and complete the required training evaluation in order to receive a certificate of completion.