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Understanding Inclusion


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Full course description

Developed by EITP and Early CHOICESUnderstanding Inclusion training containing 6 modules that explore key topics related to inclusion in early childhood. The series covers a range of topics from defining inclusion to understanding the benefits to advocating for inclusion. This was developed for families with family input. However, it is just as meaningful and useful for practitioners working with families who have children from birth to 5. In each module, a topic guide is available for reflecting and applying what you learn to your own experience.  Each guide also has additional resources to explore the topic further.  Module objectives are listed at the beginning of each module.

Course Instructions:

This online course is self-paced, so you can work at your own speed.  However, you must complete activities in the following order:

  1. Terms of Agreement
  2. Training Modules - in this order:

Overview (run time 3 min. 24 sec.)

Topic 1 - Inclusion is a Journey (run time 13 min. 38 sec.)

Topic 2- Least Restrictive Environment (run time 11 min. 07 sec.)

Topic 3 - Commitment to Inclusive Practices (run time 14 min.)

Topic 4 - Benefits of Inclusive Practices (run time 5 min. 34 sec.)

Topic 5 - Inclusive Settings (run time 7 min. 3 sec.)

Topic 6 - Implementing and Advocating for Inclusion (run time 11 min. 37 sec.)

Closing (run time 2 min. 04 sec.)

3. Check for Understanding
4. Training Evaluation
5. Certificate of Completion

Overall, participants must complete the training modules, successfully pass the quiz (Check for Understanding), and complete the required training evaluation in order to receive a certificate of completion.