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Referral to Illinois Early Intervention


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Full course description

This interactive presentation provides an overview of the Illinois Early Intervention (IL EI) referral process and the 3 pathways for children and families to become eligible for IL EI services. Additionally, this presentation explains the purpose and procedure for the 2 referral forms used in Illinois - the Early Intervention Standardized Referral Form and the Illinois Early Intervention Program Fax Back Referral Form.

Throughout the presentation, participants are reminded of the importance of ensuring strong communication with referral sources, like primary care providers, throughout the EI process.

This module can be shared as a resource with referral sources to help them learn more about the IL EI referral process and the forms used to serve families in Illinois.

Course Instructions:

You must refresh your browser after completing each activity to get credit. This online course is self-paced, so you can work at your own speed. However, you must complete activities in the following order:

  1. Terms of Agreement
  2. Training Module
  3. Check for Understanding
  4. Training Evaluation
  5. Certificate of Completion

Overall, participants must complete the training modules, successfully pass the quiz (Check for Understanding), and complete the required training evaluation in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Read all instructions within a section.

When you complete an activity, new tabs will appear below as you unlock the next content. To unlock, refresh your browser.