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Beyond Mandated Reporting: Recognizing & Responding to Child Abuse


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As adults, we have a responsibility to protect the children around us. As a professional working with very young children and their families, it is so important to understand the facts and dynamics surrounding child abuse. In the United States, children under 1 year old are three times more likely to die from abuse or neglect. An estimated 1 in 7 girls and 1 in 25 boys is sexually abused before turning 18. Abuse occurs in all neighborhoods and communities, regardless of economic class, ethnicity or religion. Unfortunately, child abuse is a crime that is seriously under-reported. This training series, developed by Chicago Children's Advocacy Center, includes three modules targeted to Early Intervention providers. These in-depth modules provide comprehensive information on how to recognizing abuse and neglect, and what to do if you suspect abuse. Scenarios that involve young children and their families provide important practice for those times when you are unsure what steps to take when a child's safety and well-being are in questions.

Participants must complete the training modules, successfully pass the quiz, and complete the required training evaluation in order to receive a certificate of completion.