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Service Coordination Online


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Full course description

Your Participation:

This training is primarily delivered in an asynchronous/cohort format, where students work independently at their own pace on assignments, yet are part of a small group of other learners for discussion and webinar participation.  Having this format allows students flexibility in completing the modules and workbook tasks, while benefiting from a supportive learning environment that encourages targeted learning interactions and collaboration.

Components of the course:

  • Training Modules
  • Webinars
  • Service Coordination Workbook


Download the Service Coordination Online Outline (pdf) for a listing of all course requirements.

This training includes 9 sections of modules.  Each section includes related modules around a specific area of learning.  Each module also contains mini-modules or “coursels” that provide “bite size” learning opportunities for service coordinators to move through at their own pace.

  • Each coursel is approximately 5-10 minutes in length and include videos, reflection activities, and workbook activities. 
  • The coursels are listed within each module.  To open a coursel, click on the coursel title.
  • After completing a coursel, refresh your browser, so the next section will appear.
  • See "Need Help" block on the right for details on refreshing your browser or getting technical support for this course.


In addition to completing the sections and workbook, this training involves synchronous, web-based learning through mandatory webinar participation. Webinars will occur each Tuesday from 1:00 - 2:30 PM CST and are facilitated by a content expert who is available to answer questions and provide additional instruction to you and your cohort.

While completing the modules, you will also have activities to complete from the Service Coordination Workbook.  These activities may require additional help from your supervisor or on-site trainer. 

Goals for Service Coordination Online:

Click on a section title to view the goals for each section.

Section 1:  Introduction to Service Coordination

Section 2:  EI in Illinois

Section 3:  Intake and Family Assessment

Section 4:  Illinois System of Payments

Section 5: Evaluation, Assessment and Eligibility

Section 6: IFSP Preparation & Meeting Facilitation

Section 7: IFSP Development

Section 8: IFSP Implementation

Section 9: Transition, Exit Meetings and Case Closure



Special thanks to Delaware’s Birth to Three Early Intervention System within the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services for allowing the Early Intervention Training Program at the University of Illinois to include content, activities and images from their online service coordination training in the Illinois' online service coordination training.