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Using Live Video Visits in EI (During COVID-19)


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Full course description

This professional development opportunity will review essential information for implementing live video visits (i.e. telehealth) in Early Intervention.  The material will be presented in a recorded webinar format with examples and videos built in throughout to help illustrate elements of live video visits.

This opportunity consists of 4 sections that, together, will provide an introduction to live video visits with families in early intervention, information for planning and implementing live video visits with families,  video examples, and finally some tips and troubleshooting ideas when implementing live video visits.   

Additionally, a set of policies/procedures from the Illinois Early Intervention System and a curated set of resources exist as accompanying and required material to be reviewed as part of this professional development opportunity.

Disclaimer:  This professional development opportunity was developed urgently to meet the needs of the field in response to policy change related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Therefore, the material and resources associated with this opportunity may look different over time as we make updates for the topicality, alignment with guidance from IDHS, completeness or quality of the information provided.  

Course Instructions:

This online course is self-paced. However, you will need to complete the course sections in the following order:

  1. Terms of Agreement
  2. Training Modules:
    1. Introduction to Live Video Visits
    2. Planning and Implementing Live Video Visits
    3. Live Video Visits: Watch and Reflect
    4. Live Video Visits during COVID-19
  3. Resources
  4. Check for Understanding
  5. Training Evaluation
  6. Certificate of Completion

Participants must complete the training modules, successfully pass the quiz (Check for Understanding), and complete the required training evaluation in order to receive a certificate of completion.