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Working with Mental Health Situations in Library Settings


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This training course is intended to provide a basic overview of some of the mental health challenges, including different mental disorders and related symptoms, encountered in library settings. Since libraries are accessible spaces often utilized by individuals struggling with mental health challenges and related issues, this course strives to help build a working knowledge and awareness of mental illness for library staff. Further, this course outlines some helpful approaches to assist library staff in supporting patrons struggling with mental health problems. Lastly. the course offers suggestions for developing self-care as a sustainable practice to combat compassion fatigue and burnout.

Note: this is not a course intended to give participants the ability to engage in any formal diagnosis or clinical assessment of mental illness.

Please contact Justin York ( with any questions.


  • Describe common mental health issues
  • Understand why developing your empathy skills for patrons experiencing mental health situations is necessary
  • Describe basic crisis intervention and de-escalation skills and when to apply those skills
  • Differentiate between self-care and sustainable practice
  • Apply the concepts of reflective practice