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The Power of Emotional Intelligence (Non-CE Version)

Started Jun 10, 2024

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Full course description


A practical workshop that will help motivate and empower individuals to find success in their work and personal lives through emotional intelligence.


  1. Participants will learn why emotional intelligence matters and five key objectives of emotional intelligence.
  2. Participants will not only learn how to increase their own emotional intelligence but how to network and recognize others who share in emotional intelligence.
  3. Participants will have a better understanding of how emotional intelligence differs from emotional manipulation.

Registration Information

  • This listing is for those not needing CEs.
  • Please see the CE version if you need CEs for this event
  • The live webinar will be held June 10, 2024, from 12:00 - 1:30pm
  • Once registered, you will be able to access the course site to complete the Zoom registration to receive the link for the webinar.

Presenter: Lynn Griffith

Lynn Griffith has been a practicing social worker in the Champaign-Urbana, IL community since 2005. She completed her Masters in Social Work degree at the University of Illinois in 2006 and has held a variety of positions over the course her work. These experiences have allowed Ms. Griffith to learn from many well-respected and trusted social workers, doctors, and administrators. Ms. Griffith has been a private practice therapist at The Rock Counseling Group since 2013, where she has had the opportunity to teach, support and guide clients in the community through difficult life stressors.