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livestock trailer

1 CE Hr, Livestock Transportation Biosecurity

Time limit: 150 days

$45 Enroll

Full course description

When we think about biosecurity, we're thinking about the truck or the trailer itself that hauls those animals. How clean is it? Can we clean it? How do we clean it? What else is it used for? Is it hauling different classes of animals or animals with different disease statuses? And how do we understand the risks that each of those things pose to the system? 

The other really important part of transportation that we often forget is the driver. Who's going to drive that vehicle? There are a lot of choices that we have to make about the driver. Do we let them load and unload livestock? What risk does loading and unloading pose? What do we do with their clothing? 

This is a self-paced course. You may start and finish the course at any time. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be granted one hour of continuing education (CE). College of Veterinary Medicine is an authorized CE provider, and our courses are equivalent to RACE approved. This course is expected to take one hour to complete.

This course is 100% online. All the lectures and assessments are on-demand to meet your busy schedule.

1 hour of CE!

What You'll Learn

  • Design and operation of loading facilities
  • Dedication and flow of live haul equipment
  • Cleaning of live haul equipment
  • Decontamination of live haul equipment
  • Management of live haul drivers and their equipment